Grating, Industrial And Construction Uses

Industrial raised floors are a fundamental tool in different industries, from food processing and brewing to airports, streets, public drainage and fountains. These floors, also known as grating, have the ability to allow liquids to pass through them, which helps keep drains clean and safe to walk on.

At NEW METALS INC., we manufacture industrial raised floor grating with unique load distribution characteristics. They are lightweight, strong, easy to install and clean.

Industrial raised floors have many uses in daily life. These floors are essential in the food, brewery and industrial equipment industry, as they prevent the accumulation of liquid in transit areas and prevent surfaces from becoming slippery and unsafe. They are also ideal for the construction of warehouses, factories and industrial buildings, as they provide an elevated surface that helps keep areas dry and safe.

At NEW METALS INC., we focus on manufacturing non-slip floors that are extremely important in manufacturing and industrial equipment. They prevent the accumulation of liquid in transit areas and prevent surfaces from becoming slippery and unsafe. This type of grating is a fundamental element of Safety and Hygiene standards for companies.

To manufacture our gratings, we start with 5/16″ thick plate, which allows for even load distribution over its surface. This expanded material has unique characteristics that make it lightweight, strong and easy to install, as well as being low cost compared to welded grids. In addition, its easy cleaning and maintenance makes it an ideal option for places that require a high degree of hygiene.

At NEW METALS INC., we offer a wide variety of specification and measurement options, as well as carbon and galvanized steel, depending on the need and use of the grating. This way, we ensure that we meet the needs of our customers and offer a high-quality product adapted to their requirements.

If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is at your disposal to advise you on everything you need and offer you the best solution for industrial floors. At NEW METALS INC., we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and to offering high-quality products that meet their expectations and needs.

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