Structural Mesh for Concrete Walls (Grating)

Structural Grating is an innovative metal mesh for reinforcing concrete walls. It provides strength, lightness, and effective anchoring. Ideal for security walls, bank vaults, and radiological protection.

The construction industry is constantly evolving, seeking new materials and techniques to optimize processes and improve the quality of buildings. One such advancement is expanded metal Grating, an innovative material used in structural construction to reinforce concrete walls. This structural mesh provides strength, lightness, and effective anchoring, allowing the concrete to expand and contract freely while ensuring wall stability. In this article, we will delve into the features, applications, and advantages of NEW METALS INC. structural Grating in various construction projects.

Grating Expanded Metal

Features of Structural Grating

Structural Grating is a material made from a single piece of metal, which eliminates the need for joints or ties and provides greater resistance to the structure. Moreover, its design allows for a reduction in construction weight, which translates into a lower environmental impact and transportation costs.

Expanded metal Grating has several features that make it ideal for use in construction:

Strength: The structural mesh is highly resistant to tension and compression, ensuring stability and durability of concrete walls.

Lightness: Its low weight allows for easy handling and installation, streamlining construction times.

Effective anchoring: Structural Grating integrates seamlessly with concrete, ensuring proper and efficient anchoring.

Expansion and contraction of concrete: The mesh design allows the concrete to expand and contract freely, ensuring wall stability and preventing cracks or deformations.

Applications of Structural Grating

NEW METALS INC. structural Grating is a versatile product that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

Security walls: The strength and durability of the structural mesh make it an excellent option for reinforcing security walls in governmental, military, or commercial facilities.

Bank vaults: The structural mesh ensures the protection and stability of vaults, safeguarding valuable contents stored inside.

Traffic partition walls: The strength and load-bearing capacity of structural Grating make it ideal for building partition walls on highways and freeways, enhancing road safety.

Radiological protection walls: In medical and nuclear facilities, the structural mesh provides an effective barrier against radiation, ensuring the safety of staff and patients.

Advantages of NEW METALS INC. Structural Grating

Using NEW METALS INC. structural Grating in the construction of concrete walls offers several advantages, including:

Time savings in construction: The easy installation of structural mesh allows for reduced construction times, leading to greater efficiency and cost savings for construction companies and end customers.

Increased strength and durability: As it is made from a single piece without joints or ties, structural Grating provides greater resistance to tension and compression, resulting in more stable and durable concrete walls.

Lower environmental impact: The reduced weight of structural Grating compared to other construction materials lowers resource consumption and environmental impact, contributing to sustainable development.

Versatility: NEW METALS INC. structural Grating can be used in a wide range of applications, adapting to the specific needs of each project and providing efficient and customized solutions.

Safety: The structural mesh ensures wall stability and provides protection in high-risk situations, such as earthquakes or attacks, resulting in increased safety for building occupants.

Aesthetics: The design of structural Grating allows for the incorporation of architectural and decorative elements in the construction of concrete walls, offering an attractive and modern appearance.


NEW METALS INC. structural Grating is an innovative and effective solution for reinforcing concrete walls in a wide range of applications, from security walls to radiological protection. Its strength, lightness, and effective anchoring ensure the stability and durability of structures, while its versatility and ease of installation contribute to time and cost savings in construction.

By choosing structural Grating in construction projects, a lower environmental impact and greater safety for building occupants are ensured. This material undoubtedly represents an advancement in the construction industry, demonstrating that

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