CLASSIC DECO-GUARD and its application in BBVA Stadium Security

Our Protecto-Reja Clásico product features a diamond-shaped design that enhances its security.

At NEW METALS, we take pride in the variety of products we offer and the versatility they provide, especially in the field of security and protection. Our solutions blend perfectly with the architectural beauty and aesthetics of buildings, facades, or structures where they are used.

We love talking about expanded metal and why it is unique and ideal for its function in security meshes and railings: its manufacturing in a single piece. This means that it has no seams or welds but uniform-sized openings, in this case diamonds, hexagonal figures, or circles.

Use of Protecto-Reja in the BBVA Stadium.

Our product, Classic Protecto-Reja, has a diamond shape that makes it more secure, as it is difficult to climb. It is also made of carbon steel and is extremely resistant to cuts, making it perfect for a perimeter mesh whose function is building security.

We were delighted when we were invited to collaborate in the construction of the Rayados de Monterrey stadium, a very important project. It took nearly 3 years to analyze the design, conceptualize it, and define the changes in the structure. We collaborated with VFO Architects, reviewing how to match their innovative design with the excellent quality of our materials.

The concept of having a shape and “movement” similar to a soccer net.

When it came time to talk about the perimeter mesh, the concept was for it to have a shape and “movement” like a soccer net and, above all, to provide security, ventilation, and maintain aesthetics. We immediately looked for the perfect product to achieve this. We made several tests and proposals, and in the end, it was concluded that nothing was better than Classic Protecto-Reja for this particular area.

Its geometric shape is ideal for achieving this effect, and some adjustments were necessary during construction. We discovered that it could not be a continuous mesh as originally thought, so hexagonal PTRs were added to support the cuts. It is worth noting that each of the posts, each rod, and each structure has a different measurement and height.

At the beginning of this project, 1-ton rolls were delivered, but as construction progressed, 500 kg rolls were preferred to facilitate handling and installation.

Galvanized black expanded metal rolls were delivered by immersion in hot water, as the mesh is exposed to weather, air, water, extreme temperatures, and is at risk of corrosion. Nothing is better than this finish to ensure excellent product durability.

As NEW METALS is the only manufacturer of the product in the necessary measurements and specifications for the design, we became the official supplier of the entire construction of the perimeter mesh. No one else in the market processes expanded metal in a width of 5 feet.

This project is a source of pride for NEW METALS, and we are very happy and satisfied with the result obtained from this collaboration in the BBVA Stadium, one of the most emblematic works in the country.

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alan aceves

Una gran obra arquitectónica, y se ven los materiales de una excelente calidad. Que se están viendo en tendencia cada vez más. Un gran trabajo, da orgullo neolonés.

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